The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on January 27, 2015

lane train

Teenager Delaney riding the tram. She cracks me up in this picture.


I hadn’t been back to the Tulum ruins since we were there 15 years ago, but I very much remembered how cool they were and wanted to bring the girls. Last time we didn’t hire a tour guide, and I remember following behind various tour groups trying to listen in to get the history. There’s only so much you can get from reading the signs!


The ruins are a popular place, so we headed there early in the morning. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable, and it was super interesting hearing about the Mayan people and how they lived. I’m fairly sure this was the house of a nobleman.


This is the entrance to the house where they would leave various gifts. The crazy part about these stone buildings is that the Mayans did not have wheels or horses, so everything had to be carried by hand.


The ruins have walls on three sides with the ocean on the fourth. If you pay to get into the ruins, you can spend the day at the beach. There were lots of people in their bikinis with beach towels laying out. It’s a gorgeous beach and it always seems to be crazy hot there, but it’s also crowded. I’m guessing it gets pretty crazy later in the day.


I think it’s safe to say the children were over it by this point. It was incredibly hot and while I found the tour guide interesting, I don’t think they did. But, there were mango/coconut popsicles for sale by the tram, they got to have nachos for lunch (with beans! Delaney was in heaven), there were six stray cats at the restaurant, and they each got a necklace from the shops. All around, a solid first adventure.

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