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Favorite Pictures of 2014

on December 31, 2014

Favorite pictures! I always love looking back at the year in pictures. This year I’m not going to confine myself to any set number. I’m just going to scroll through and see what I love.


This picture breaks my heart a little. Caden had just recently gotten her sling off, and Maddy only had a few more weeks left with us.

lane val 2

This is so utterly and completely Laney.


Six. The best year yet? Check out Caden’s sassy bob.

chalk 4

Check out those blue eyes!

easter 2

My Lu.

june 11

Last day of kindergarten!


From our vacation this summer. They loved going out fishing every night.

lane grampy

Two peas.

lane 1


ab 1

Annabelle. She’s so tiny here!

chicago 9

Chicago. Such an amazing trip for us!

snow 6

Every year I take a snow picture at the end of the year and every year, it’s one of my favorites. This year is no exception!

One response to “Favorite Pictures of 2014

  1. Grammy says:

    Memories fo 2014 in photos. Beautiful.

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