The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A Little Snow

on December 30, 2014

snow 1

Christmas was warm this year. I was taking Annabelle outside with no coat on on Christmas day! Friday night it snowed, which was honestly kind of welcome. The temperatures have plummeted, and if there was no snow for insulation, it would be rough on the grass and shrubs. Also, a little snow means less dirt Annabelle tracks in.

snow 2

We drove back up to our house Saturday afternoon, arriving just at dark. There was no way I was snowblowing anything then, so I did it on Sunday morning. The girls shoveled the steps, then got their new sleds out. We finally upgraded to the discs! They are very fast.

snow 3

Caden shoveled super fast so she could get to sledding. She was pretty disappointed that the snow wasn’t sticky enough to build a snowman.

snow 4

Delaney was tired and her cold is getting worse, so she was moving a little slower. I asked a few times, and she finally agreed to sled down the hill one time.

snow 5

Her hat was so low I have no idea how she could even see!

snow 6

I do love this picture. Kind of washed out from the snow with just a peek of her eyes.

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