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Life with identical twins

Merry Christmas!

on December 29, 2014

xmas 14

Christmas was interesting this year. Work has been super hectic and I just wasn’t feeling prepared at all. I didn’t start shopping until after Thanksgiving, then ended up doing most of it online since a work trip to CA made it difficult to have an evening to myself to finish up my shopping. I kept thinking at some point I would be able to take a deep breath and enjoy, but even Christmas Eve morning was chaotic. Packing up took longer than expected, then the dog peed on my bed forcing me to strip everything, we finally got out the door and raced down to my parents with 15 minutes to spare before we needed to leave for church. But, church was definitely the turning point. The service was awesome and even better, the girls can read now so they could sing along to all of the carols! It was really fabulous, they stayed engaged the entire time and couldn’t wait until Silent Night at the end when they got to light their very own candles!

Church was over by 3:50pm, which left us the rest of the night to relax, cook dinner, and watch some holiday tv (actually we watched Castle while cooking dinner, I voted for funny over holiday). The roast chicken dinner was a huge success, and my mom taught me how to make gravy!

xmas 2

Truthfully, starting my shopping late was a good thing since for the first time, I didn’t feel like I went overboard with gifts. They were excited about their presents, and I felt like they’ll use/play with everything (except maybe the pogo stick). I didn’t take a ton of pictures because it was completely dark when we opened presents! It wasn’t even that early, it seemed very weird.

xmas 3

Best/worst present is definitely these Password Journals. They were so noisy and of course Caden got hers to work, but Delaney’s would never recognize her password. Why is there no volume on these things?

My brother’s family arrived around noon, with my grandpa arriving shortly after. Everyone munched on appetizers, then we opened presents. I don’t remember any other year where the kids wanted to play with their presents right away like they did this year. They played while the adults had some cocktails.

I switched up dinner this year. Normally my mom and I make a pot roast that cooks all day. We always think this is going to make dinner easy, but it really doesn’t. This year we went with grilled steak and shrimp, a salad and some vegetable sides. Everyone pitched in to cook dinner, and it was so much fun. And! Everyone loved the food. I even saved a creme brulee from Christmas Eve for my grandpa.

While the lead up to Christmas was maybe a little hectic, Christmas itself was one of the best ever. Lots of love, lots of family, and lots of gratitude.

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