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Holiday Lights

on December 22, 2014

While this is our third year wandering through the Holiday Lights in Mankato, I looked through the archives and I don’t think I’ve ever documented it before! The first year they had the lights we drove through in the car. When it’s cold this is obviously nice, plus they time the lights to holiday music you listen to on the radio, so it’s fun that way. Last year my dad and I took the girls and completely bundled up. We walked through the paths rather than riding in the car since you can see the lights much better this way. It was very cold, and there weren’t many people out, so we mostly had the place to ourselves. This year the weather is much milder and while it’s cold, you can still be outside and not freeze your toes off. We were there for over an hour!

lights 1

The first year it was mostly lights in trees and a few other lighted pieces, with the big Christmas tree in the center. This year they have added so many lights! It was very impressive. There was something everywhere you looked.

lights 2

The Christmas tree in the center was so beautiful. I’m a sucker for a good tree. You can also see one of the buildings outlined in white lights. They have a skating rink, a concession stand, and a building where you can visit Santa. We stopped in for some hot chocolate and hot apple cider and a little warm up.

lights 3

As we were coming out of the concession stand Delaney and I were waiting for everyone else. There was a sign about wagon rides (they read every single sign, every single place) so we talked about how much it would be for all five us to ride on the wagon, and then we realized it wasn’t that expensive and the wagon was on its way towards us! It was very cool to be pulled behind two big Clydesdale horses. With the clip clop of their hooves and the jingling of their bells, it was the perfect holiday activity.

lights 4

They were super sweet horses and the girls got to pet them after. The horses were big, and I thought the girls might be afraid of them but they went right up and petted their noses. This year they are old enough to do the horse camp with the YMCA, which we are all excited about.

I’m feeling way behind with Christmas this year, but my mom and I made up our menus, and I think with a stop or two on my way home from work, I will finish up my shopping. One (or two?) more nights of wrapping and I think we’ll be ready!

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