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Knocked Out

on December 15, 2014

When I woke up Saturday morning I could barely get out of bed. I figured once I was up and moving I’d feel better but no, no I did not. So I ate a little breakfast and crawled back in bed.

The thing about being sick now is that the girls are a lot more self sufficient. I had already made them breakfast, but they made their own lunch (reheated mac & cheese and fruit). They entertained themselves and knew enough not to create a big mess, and best of all, they let me sleep.

But of course me being sick couldn’t be all that was going on around here. It warmed up. I knew when I tore the deck off that I would have to deal with a muddy dog, but I thought that would be in the spring, not mid-December. If she would have just stuck to the grass it would have been fine, but she was digging holes in the dirt! The first time she came inside the girls didn’t realize how muddy she was and she ran all over the house, then jumped up on my bed getting everything dirty.

The next time she came inside I caught her and we stuck her in the bathtub with a little water. This worked great except the next time it was time to come in the house she didn’t want in. Thankfully it was warm, because she was outside for 2+ hours at one point.

On Saturday she had four baths, Sunday she had three by noon. Ugh! I finally started taking her out on her leash so I could at least control the damage.

But of course she snuck in one more time Sunday evening and ran laps around the house as the girls chased her. I grabbed her and got her in the tub, while they tried to clean up. When I looked I realized it was more than some paper towels could deal with so I told Caden to give her a bath and headed downstairs to grab the mop bucket. Delaney was bummed she didn’t get to give her a bath but I told her mopping was way more fun. She loved mopping and ended up mopping the entire upstairs! It was amazing! And totally necessary after our muddy weekend. I will definitely play that card again soon.

One response to “Knocked Out

  1. Grammy says:

    Annabelle certainly keeps life interesting!

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