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Wii recommendation?

on December 12, 2014

Now that it’s winter, we’re playing our Wii more and more. We dug out The Amazing Race wii game and it is perfect for us! The girls play and I help them with the decisions and games. It’s been solid family fun that involves all of us and I love it. So I’m wondering two things. First, any other Wii games out there that are similar? I tried doing a little searching but I didn’t come up with anything. Second, any Wii games you love that are good for the 6+ age set? And I guess my third question, if I opt for a Mario game, which is the best?

dec 8

Monday. The girls days of picking out their own outfits are over. They want my help and my guess is that it’s a way to spend a little time with me in the mornings so I do it. I’ve taken to grabbing the first dress in the row or the first shirt, and they find the pants.

dec 11

Thursday. They had an assembly at school where the first grade talked about journeys and Delaney got to show her Flat Me presentation! They both dressed up and extra brushed their hair. I was lucky in that it was a work from home day, I live 5 minutes from school, and the assembly came at the one break during the day that I had so I could make it. So adorable! And wow, elementary kids are loud.

3 responses to “Wii recommendation?

  1. Tammie says:

    Have you tried any of the Just Dance ones? I think we have every version and my 7 year kid daughter loves them! Also, have you looked at go vacation? I cannot tell you how many times she has played that over the years. Lots of activities plus you can just tour around which she does a lot!

    • Erin says:

      We have two of the Just Dance games! They do love them and they also love Go Vacation. That one can be tricky because we often get stuck going in circles and so they get frustrated. Thanks!

  2. Meighan says:

    What aBout wii sports? We bowl, golf and play baseball together

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