The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Bake Day 2015

on December 8, 2014

The first Saturday in December is always our Bake Day extravaganza! Every year we head to my aunt Lisa’s house to bake holiday cookies and candy. Everyone brings a few recipes and their ingredients, and throughout the day we bake them all.

bake 1

We brought our Team Krohn aprons, and some gluten free recipes. Luckily for everyone, our favorite peanut butter cups are both gluten free and dairy free (almond bark is dairy free!). We made a double batch of those and I brought a ton home. They hit the spot like nothing else!

bake 2

The girls were so excited for Bake Day. Friday night I said we needed to head to bed so we would be ready for Bake Day and Caden threw her fists in the air and said “BAKE DAY!!”

bake 3

Annabelle came along as well. It’s kind of nice to have a small dog who doesn’t shed everywhere when you’re bringing them to someone else’s house. Since she had been spayed on Thursday, we tried to keep her quiet. It didn’t really work. She hung out in her bed for awhile, but for the most part she wanted to be held up high so she could see everything going on.

bake 4

Again, the girls were very helpful in a helpful way, not just in a seemingly helpful way. My mom showed them how to roll out the sugar cookies, they used their cookie cutters and even put them on the cookie sheets. They were a teeny bit slow while frosting them, but with a little help from Alyssa (who approaches frosting like I do – white plus sprinkles, just get it done!) everything looks festive.

bake 5

My uncle Jeff always tries some crazy recipe from our childhood. This year it was rosettes. Oh gluten intolerance I curse you! I wanted one of these so bad! Delaney was his little helper. She stayed out there the whole time helping him. He put the molds in the deep fryer, she fished them out and then sprinkled them with powdered sugar.

bake 6

This is my favorite picture. These are my gluten free chocolate thumbprints. They spread, but you know what? I’m not picky. Caden made sure they got some chocolate in the center, and then drizzled it over the rest of the cookie as well. They were really good! I’d like to say you couldn’t tell they were gluten free, but my taste buds are long gone on that one.

Have you heard of the game Bean Boozled? Alyssa chose four words (akumal, mexico, sugar, and timer) and if you said one, you had to spin the wheel and eat one of the jelly beans. Since we’re taking a family trip to Mexico in January, and we were baking cookies, a lot of people were spinning the wheel! I was careful and only had to spin once. You think baby wipes wouldn’t be that bad but oh, you’d be wrong.

I didn’t think the girls ate a ton of cookies throughout the day, but the next morning both told me their tummies felt awful. I wonder why??? And I was all set to have christmas cookies for breakfast as a special treat!

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