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Flat Me!

on December 4, 2014

(A picture that did not make it into the class presentation, but one that has continuously made me laugh.)

Both girls’ classes learned about Flat Stanley this year. Their IB planners right now are all about journeys and why we take them, so it fit right in. Eventually a note came home saying that each child would have their own Flat Me to send out to go on an adventure. We talked about who they wanted to send them to. Uncle Scott came up first since he is in San Diego and they are enthralled with California. My client (also from San Diego) was in town just as this came home and since my girls know her, she was their other choice. We filled out addresses on the envelopes and sent them back to school. After that, I really had no idea what was going to happen!

Apparently the girls wrote letters? Delaney asked Stacey what kinds of plants they have and what kinds of sports/things they like to do. I think Caden wrote telling Scott she wanted to see his house?

After my client reported that Flat Delaney had arrived, I checked in with my uncle to see if Flat Caden had arrived as well. She had! And he had sent his package back. Flat Delaney got passed around at the client and went on quite a few adventures, so Stacey put everything into a Powerpoint presentation along with a soundtrack.

At dinner we’ve been talking about where all the Flat Me’s have gone. Caden’s teacher opened her package on Monday. Caden was VERY excited about her adventures. Flat Caden went to the Famous San Diego Zoo! When I asked her last night who had the best adventure in her classroom she said it was her because uncle Scott sent the biggest pictures! Love it. (Scott – did you send 8×10’s?! I hope they send them home eventually!)

Delaney also said hers was the best. The class loved the song (Pharrell’s Happy, Stacey knows how to play to first graders) and I think there was a fair amount of dancing that happened.

Huge thank you’s to Uncle Scott and the Bank crew. I seriously had no idea what I was signing you up for with this, but thank you for killing it! The girls are beyond thrilled with their adventures!

One response to “Flat Me!

  1. Scott Grunst says:

    Caden and I had some great adventures. We took pictures and printed them on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I am so glad you wanted to share your Flat Me vacation with me. I am looking forward to the Real Me visiting soon!

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