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Thanksgiving Weekend

on December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving! My mom hosts every year, and we go down early to help with the preparations. This year my mom planned things so that there was almost no cooking the day of. Everything was done in the two days prior, so on Thursday we only had to throw a few things in the oven and heat the rest up in crock pots. It made it easy and meant that we could bust out the Moscow Unicorn drinks extra early! (I highly recommend them by the way, but skip the sugar. They were the perfect drink, not too sweet, not too acidic. I think I had four? And for me that is rare!)

grandkids 2

We snapped a few pictures of the grandkids before things got crazy and I’m so glad we did! I didn’t take very many pictures beyond this all day.


The girls were very excited to have their cousins there this year. They disappeared downstairs immediately. Between the craft room, dress up costumes, and Netflix we barely saw them!

Annabelle rotated between playing with the kids and finding safety upstairs with the adults. She did fabulous. I had no idea if she would be scared with all of the new people or not, but she was very social!

snowmen 1

It’s a family tradition to do a craft at every family holiday function. Last year we did snowmen, so my mom found another snowman craft again this year. It was super easy!

snowmen 2

My dad cut 4″ posts and my mom painted them chalk white. She had burlap, sharpie markers, and paint that we could decorate with. Mine is … not so good. But! Everyone else did a fabulous job.

One response to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Grammy says:

    Wow! Looking at these photos made all the cooking and cleaning and prep work so worthwhile.

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