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Time to decorate!

on November 24, 2014

tree 2

We had zero plans for the weekend. I made some attempts to plan playdates, and almost reached out to another mom to plan a night out, but as we neared the weekend everyone’s cold got worse and with all of the sniffles, it seemed like a better idea to just stay home.

tree 3

We decorated the tree and put up all of our Christmas decorations. Since it was warm out, we did the lights outside too. This was the first year the girls were really involved and helped with things. They’ve had a passing interest in it previous years, but this year they were actually helpful and didn’t wander off 10 minutes into it.

I kind of hate decorating the house. It gets so chaotic taking things down and figuring out what to put where. This year that meant taking down both Maddy and Lu’s ashes, as well as their collars and Lucy’s portrait. It was hard, really hard, and I absolutely didn’t see that emotional hit coming. We’ve been talking about Lucy a lot lately, Caden and I seem to feel her loss so intensely these days. I just miss her so much. It made the task that much harder, but it’s done, and I rearranged some things so her portrait could go back up.


Our tree is beautiful! I feel like we’ve accumulated some really gorgeous ornaments over the years. I’ve bought the girls an ornament each year, and this year they were so excited to find each ornament and put it up. I was even on top of things and bought more beaded garland rope so we have enough for the whole tree, and we found a lighted tree topper that actually works on a fake tree. Sunday morning they both woke up early and just stared at the lights. I love the hazy glow it gives the living room.

3 responses to “Time to decorate!

  1. Denise says:

    Great way to spend time together – looks lovely!

  2. Grammy says:


  3. Scott Grunst says:

    That’s as near to a perfect Christmas tree as I have ever seen!

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