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No more deck!

on November 20, 2014


My deck is gone! Do you know what that means? No more mice! Because the mouse guy can finally get everywhere he needs to to shore up my house and make sure they can’t get in.

Let’s back up a bit. I’ve had a mouse problem for many years. I hate them, but I mostly ignore it. That stopped working at some point and I hired a pest company to take care of the problem. They did what they could, but because of the deck off the back of the house, they couldn’t get to everything. A few months later, we realized there were definitely holes into the house under the deck.

The problem at that point was that I wasn’t sure what I was doing with the house. I wanted to remodel, but had no idea if I could actually afford to do it. My awesome uncle Scott drew up some plans that I fell in love with, and my awesome brother Lonni estimated the cost and I realized I could not afford it. Oh well. We’ll stay here a few years and then find something bigger. But, that meant all of the projects that were previously on hold, were now back in the picture.

The deck was made of wood and was badly in need of paint. It also houses mice and bunnies and who knows what other creatures. I hate it. My mom mentioned tearing it off and doing a paver patio and I was instantly IN. But, everyone was busy and I figured we’d likely just tackle it in the spring.

Then last weekend when my parents were up we started talking about it again. The mice were back (we keep doing poison every few months) and I really, really wanted them gone. My dad made some calls to the guys who work for him and said he could come up on Wednesday and tear it off. And he did!

It was cold and windy and the deck was a beast to get rid of, but now it’s gone! The mouse guy comes on Tuesday and after that, I am praying the critters are gone forever.

Thank you thank you thank you to my dad for doing this! It’s such a huge relief to have it done and to know we’re almost at the end of this critter saga. Maybe my yard will have fewer bunnies too? A girl can hope.

3 responses to “No more deck!

  1. Grammy says:

    Not so pretty now, but it will be in the spring. I see lots of possibilities and I LOVE a project!

  2. Scott Grunst says:

    What’s all that white stuff on the ground? It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!

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