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Life with identical twins

No more stomach aches!!!!

on November 19, 2014

Caden’s never ending stomach ache is well documented on the blog. I feel bad when I’m reading old posts and realize just how long this has been going on. But! We have finally conquered this.

I’d like to state here that while poop was a frequent topic of posts when the girls were younger, any problems or issues like this I’ve definitely stayed away from now that they are older. But, I started this story and so I kind of feel like I need to close the loop. Beyond that, I’ve discussed this with both girls and they are as okay as two six-year-olds can be with me telling this story.

Last we left things, the x-ray at the doctor revealed she was severely constipated, even though she was going regularly. We tried a miralax regimen but it didn’t do anything. Next up were labs with the pediatrician which all came back perfectly normal. No celiac, no liver or kidney issues, no infections. The next appointment was with the pediatric GI doc. This was at the same GI clinic that I go to, and I cannot recommend them highly enough if you’re local. The doctor asked a bunch of questions and came to the same conclusion as our pediatrician, Caden was backed up and it was likely a long term problem.

She gave us a clean out regimen that was much more aggressive than anything our pediatrician had talked to us about. And it worked. It involved a weekend where we stayed home and drank a lot of medicine no one wanted to drink, then continuing smaller doses of that medicine consistently for a month before tapering off. If anyone out there thinks that their kids would benefit from this, please email me and I’ll get you the info. It was a brutal initial weekend, but the results have been so, so worth it.

We are a little over two weeks into this and Caden’s stomach ache has been gone now for almost a week? I had Delaney do the clean out as well, since she has had similar issues. Both girls feel 10x better. Their stomachs are flat, rather than bloated. They’ve both lost around 2-3lbs, but they are also starting to eat more and more, so I expect them to gain that back quickly. Caden could not be happier, she’s just so amazed to feel good every day.

I’m a huge proponent of going to specialists. It’s worth it since they deal with these very issues day in and day out. While the pediatrician correctly identified the root cause, her solution wasn’t enough. Luckily, she recognizes when it’s time to see a specialist as well.

Long term, the girls will likely stay on miralax. In the past I’ve worked towards getting off of it, but after my conversation with the GI doc, I’m sticking with it. It works, and there is no downside with it as long as we’re in the right dose range.

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