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Rollerskating Fiends!

on November 18, 2014

In case you aren’t local, Garth Brooks just finished up 10 concerts in two weeks in Minneapolis. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Friday early show at the end of his run. My parents drove up and my brother and sister-in-law drove into town and we all headed downtown to find food and drink before the show. I have worked downtown for 14 years and knew of a bunch of different bars we could hit for food. Everything was packed! I thought we had gotten there early enough, but not so much. We found a place at a bar and ordered food and even though it was loud, it was fun to be downtown with my family. The concert was amazing. Like seriously amazing. I’m a small town girl who grew up listening to country, and that concert was like reliving my high school years again. Our seats were behind the stage but incredibly close, so when he did wander around we had a perfect view. So. much. fun.

We hadn’t seen my parents in a bit, so ahead of time I convinced them to stay overnight at our house and spend Saturday with us. We don’t usually have overnight guests, so it was fun! After breakfast my mom and I headed out to run a few errands while Dad and the girls cleaned up outside. We met up for lunch and then headed to the roller rink.

Last spring after we went rollerskating with their elementary school, my dad had commented that he would love to go with us sometime. Saturday was the perfect day since it was cold and snowing.

The girls started out holding onto my hand. They were like baby giraffes with their arms and legs everywhere. My dad quickly rented two of the trainer things so they would have some help. The trainers definitely made it easier on the adults because we just had to skate next to them, rather than trying to help balance them. They gained a lot of confidence and then we started taking the trainers away. Slowly but surely the girls started skating farther on their own until right at the end they both went twice around the circle by themselves without falling!

It was a really fun afternoon. We switched off so we could spend time with both girls (god forbid they skate next to each other for more then 30 seconds). The music was really fun, and it was great people watching. Luckily, most of the skaters were quite good and could maneuver around us slow peeps. My mom commented that it was great exercise, and it was, but I’m guessing the three adults hit the ibuprofen pretty hard on Sunday because my lower back was killing me!

Needless to say, by Sunday we were all exhausted.


One response to “Rollerskating Fiends!

  1. Grammy says:

    I am now an official “Garth fan”. What an experience! And the Ibuprofen did come in handy. I am embarrassed to say that I took two tumbles on the roller rink. That did not happen when I was 15.

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