The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Here we go

on November 14, 2014

We have definitely not found our routine this school year. This week we were up early a few days so they could sled before the bus came, but a few days had us running. The house is a disaster and no matter how much effort I put into keeping it clean, they trash it. I get the whole messy house/happy kids bit, but it’s also messy house/anxious mom and I think mom should trump kids here right? Last year, it took us until after winter break to really find a groove with school. I’m hoping we find it sooner this year because I really need our house to be a little more clean and calm than it is right now.

nov 10

Monday. This is the morning of the snow! Since we were missing a turtle fur, Caden wore her scarf instead.

nov 11

Tuesday. This was a rough morning for Caden. Everyone in our family has been super tired, most of all her. She slept in kind of late, then took a 20 minute shower. I was super worried she was getting sick, but a few nights of good rest seem to have done their job.

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