The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Annabella, Week 7?

on November 12, 2014

annie 1

This little dog has certainly captured our hearts. She continues to be sweet and cuddly and adorable. Her favorite place in the world is to be on the couch with her butt on Caden’s lap, her body on my lap, and her head in Delaney’s lap. She lets the girls haul her around, and still snuggles with them after. She plays the best game of fetch that leaves me in laughter every single time. She’s small but oh so fast.

annie 2

I see Lucy in her eyes. She looks at you with so much soul and so much heart in those brown eyes. There was one day when she was snuggled into Delaney and she looked at me like “Don’t make me ever leave you guys.” In that way? She reminds me of Madison and when I realized that, I realized she is the perfect mix of Maddy and Lu, and that is why she fits so well in our house.

annie 4

The one thing she isn’t? Super smart. We have tried to teach her sit and she just has no idea. She also isn’t potty trained yet. Last weekend I buckled down. She was on a leash when in the house, and I took her out every 45 minutes. She did awesome – no accidents! She knew exactly what she was supposed to do, and as soon as she would go she would hightail it to the back door running so fast I had to laugh. And then it snowed. %#@$!$# snow. She refuses to poop out there, and all of the routines we had built up are gone. In the mornings I stand out there with her for 20+ minutes and nothing. It’s maddening. I’m hoping she’ll figure it out soon because winter is going to last a loooong time. We are doing what we can to combat the cold. I’ve ordered booties for her, and we usually do a sweater plus her coat to keep her warm. She loves the snow, but gets so cold so quickly and then we all feel bad for her.

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