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Winter is here

on November 11, 2014

caden snow

Oh Caden, that’s how I feel about the snow too.

I feel like in past years I’ve bought winter coats and gear on Black Friday? And yet, the forecast was showing snow, snow, and lots more snow for Monday so off to the sporting goods store we went! Other years I’ve gotten whatever coats we could find that fit and were the right price. This year, I went with Columbia. I wanted them to be warm and want to play outside, and I wanted winter gear that would last two seasons if at all possible. We got there just after the store opened and tried on a ton of jackets. There were jackets everywhere! I thought they might go with something more like a ski jacket, but they both liked this style. As they have the last few years, Caden went with pink and Delaney picked purple.

laney snow

Isn’t Delaney’s owl hat hilarious? She always steals my hats, so I’m glad she got one she really loves. Caden’s hat is reversible, and she reverses it every five minutes. They both reported that they were warm to hot in their new gear, so definitely a success.

One response to “Winter is here

  1. Grammy says:

    Cute little snow bunnies!

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