The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

First Sleepover

on November 10, 2014

Ever since starting kindergarten Caden has been talking about having sleepovers with her friends. One friend in particular seems to come up over and over again, but I’ve always said that as long as I don’t know her parents, no sleepovers.

Last week we got an invitation to a birthday party for this friend. It was a swimming party at a hotel. Caden still kept asking if she could sleep over and I was super confused. Well, when we arrived the mom asked if I was going to stay for a bit or just pick her up in the morning? And that’s when I realized there had been some crossed wires and things left off the invitation, and that this birthday party *was* a sleep over party! Oops? Still, I didn’t know the mom and likely wouldn’t have let Caden stay overnight anyway.

While the kids were swimming the mom and I chatted. She was really nice and we talked and talked. I started to think that maybe Caden could sleep over? She’s been dying for a sleepover and this was the perfect set up. They were staying at a hotel, so there’s no worry about what crazy things the other family could have in their house (guns, liquor, who knows what). The mom was really nice and I trusted her. Plus, Delaney and I could have some one on one time. We haven’t done that in forever! I pitched the idea and both girls were in. I made a quick Target run to grab Caden pajamas and an extra t-shirt, kissed her goodbye, made sure the mom had my phone number, and away we went.

Delaney’s request was that we get frozen yogurt. As we were eating and chatting she commented that this was the first time her and Caden had been separated at night ever. Oh my god. She was right! They’ve spent every night together since Caden came home from the NICU a week after Delaney. Poor Lane. She was clearly nervous.

At home we watched some tv together, then I put her to bed in my bed. She wasn’t there five minutes and she was downstairs crying. She missed her sister. Really missed her sister.

For me having Caden gone was a little weird, but I knew she was having fun. I was a little anxious that she would miss us and cry and we’d need to pick her up, but I also knew she’s spent enough nights away from me with other people that she’d likely be okay. I needn’t have worried. She barely missed us!

When we picked her up in the morning the mom reported that everything had gone well. The girls swam in the pool, then watched movies. The hotel served breakfast in the morning, so Caden had eaten and everything! The girls stayed up pretty late, but nothing too crazy.

Caden did not stop talking the whole way home. She had so much fun! I asked if she missed us at all and she said “Not really, I was too busy having fun.” I’m so thrilled for her. She is in such an extroverted phase right now, and is fearless about so many things. I’m so glad she had fun, and I’m extra glad she had zero anxiety about spending a night away from her mom and sister. She’s already planning her next sleepover.

Delaney, not so much. As we drove to pick up Caden she declared that she wasn’t ready for a sleepover, she thought she’d miss me too much. I’m super fine with that.

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