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Rough week apparently

on November 7, 2014

I only have two pictures from the week! One day we were running late for the bus, and the other the girls skipped the morning so we could get passports. I also need to figure out my cold weather alternative. Do I take pictures upstairs by the windows? Or do I skip outfit pictures for the winter. Oh the suspense.

nov 3

Monday. Two things of note. First, the dress Caden is wearing is another we bought in Chicago. That was such a good shipping excursion! It’s very cute. Second, Delaney is wearing a size medium shirt. We tried those shirts on at the tail end of the summer and they were way too big so I packed them up again. Now in November, they fit perfectly. A little long, which I like. Growing like weeds, they are.

nov 4

Tuesday. They were thrilled to be made to pose in the cold weather. Suck it up girls!

One response to “Rough week apparently

  1. Laraf123 says:

    How was the passport experience? Can you write about it someday? As an smc, I’ve been dreading the process. I’ve heard real horror stories about red tape and difficulties applying as an only parent. Others have not had a problem. I’m wondering what it was like in MN.

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