The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I Want Candy

on November 6, 2014

We continued our No Candy/Keep the sugar to a minimum quest into October. When we first talked about doing this the girls thought for sure they would die without all the candy! But guess what? They’re still alive! It’s amazing how that works.

I did break my no candy rule while we were driving home from Chicago. While packing up that morning, I absentmindedly threw my phone in my purse, in the wrong pocket. I panicked when I couldn’t find it, and spent 40 minutes looking everywhere for it before just heading home. I was Stressed. After filling up with gas a few hours from home I realized the other pocket in my purse was oddly hard, reached in and found my phone. I was beyond relieved, so relieved I told the girls they could pick out some candy. Delaney chose sour patch kids. Within ten minutes they were fighting over who got to eat how many and did one sister hide some?

Halloween was a similar issue. Since it was on a Friday night, they got to eat as much candy as they wanted all weekend. Monday morning they counted out their 10 favorite pieces, and I was going to take the rest of it into work. Delaney immediately started in about how ten pieces just wasn’t enough! She couldn’t possibly pick only ten? And hey! Her sister just ate a piece. Did that mean she got eleven pieces???? LIFE ISN’T FAIR.

I’m all in for eating healthy and avoiding sugar because of those reasons, but those aren’t the main reasons we don’t have any candy in our house. For me, it’s the arguing, it’s the pouting, it’s the nonstop whining that always always always comes into play when candy is involved. I hate it! Never mind that they start asking for it as soon as they wake up in the morning. And believe me, my kids get their fair share of treats and sugary items. There’s no danger of them going on a binge at a friends house because they never ever get candy at home.

The benefits don’t stop there. Because I’m no longer eating candy (I’m lactose intolerant, which means no milk chocolate, which cuts out pretty much everything I like to eat, plus if I’m not giving it to my kids, then I’m not giving it to myself) my energy levels have leveled out. Even bigger, my hormones have leveled out. I used to have huge mood swings when I ovulated and before I got my period. Basically, for two weeks every month I was a bitch. It was not fun for anyone around me, especially my kids. But now? Nothing. Seriously, nothing. No mood swings, no cramps, no nothing. I have to look at the app on my phone to see where I’m at in my cycle. It’s amazing!

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