The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Bird in a cage

on November 4, 2014

The girls have very different strengths when it comes to gymnastics. Caden has killer ab muscles and so can do flippy things very well. She can kick herself over the bar, and tonight showed off on the rings. She would hang for a second, then bring her feet up to the rings, hook them in, then flip so she was hanging, then flip all the way over and jump off. She did this over and over and over, until finally the coach challenged her to do some handstands and other things.

Laney’s strengths are more around coordination. She’s very good at the tramp and cartwheels. But the rings? Not so much. She would swing and swing and swing her legs to get momentum going, but she has no ab muscles! And her feet were not going anywhere near those rings without some help. Eventually the coach would help her and she would flip and hang and flip again too.

It’s great to see your kids master a skill, but more than anything I always want them to keep trying. Delaney did some swings on a lower set of rings, but she also kept going back to the taller rings where she would try and try. After class she was so excited to tell me all about the bird cage (or bird in a cage?) trick. Oddly, Caden was more excited about the stuff they did on the beam. I’m not sure how much it mattered to either of them that Caden could flip away, and Delaney couldn’t, so I for sure didn’t bring it up. I did google some exercises to build core muscles in kids though.

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