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Life with identical twins

Happy Halloween!

on November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween! It snuck up on us a bit this year. We ordered costumes back in August. They tried them on, we took pictures, and then they were put away. We didn’t do any pre-Halloween activities, so the costumes didn’t come back out until just before for school parties. It seemed a little anti-climactic?

We took some pictures on the back deck, then put on fleece turtlenecks underneath so everyone stayed warm. The girls ended up doing hats under their hats, as well as gloves. It was chilly out! I think this is the last year for the plastic pumpkins. Caden’s handle broke, and the pumpkins were full less than halfway through (we had to ask a neighbor for a target bag to offload the candy!). Next year we need to move up to bags.

This was also the first year that we trick or treated in a smaller group. In years past we’ve met up with the other neighborhood kids and merged into a group of about 15 kids. It gets way too crazy though. Last year I lost the girls for a few houses and was frantic. This year everyone split up and stayed in smaller groups which worked out really well. It was a much calmer night for everyone.

Halloween 1

Hot dog!

Halloween 2

The broom did not make it out trick or treating, and you can’t see her black and green striped socks which is a bummer, but I really loved Delaney’s costume this year. She was very insistent on being a witch, so we looked at a lot of costumes online before finding one we both agreed on. There were certain flairs she wanted, and I needed to be able to put warm layers underneath.

Halloween 3

Halloween 4

Caden is a pirate! I’m relatively sure we screwed up her two belts. Maybe one was supposed to go up higher? Either way, we ditched one belt after putting on layers because it just wasn’t working. She kept doing her “Argh, matey!” arm movement for pictures. It cracked me up!

Halloween 5

Halloween 6

Halloween 7

Halloween 8

Halloween 9

Hats and gloves and mittens! At least everyone stayed warm.

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