The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 31, 2014

oct 24

Friday. Tis the season to be sick. Delaney had to stay home and miss pajama day! Pajama days are always interesting. The girls seem to want to wear their footie pajamas (not workable) or their summer nightgowns (no to those as well). Luckily, Caden was open to this.

oct 27

Monday. We’re working harder on brushing all of our hair, I promise. And when they are giving me the blankest smiles ever, I just ask Caden to give me her ninja kick and it guarantees a better photo!

oct 28

Tuesday. And now it’s getting cold out. We pulled the sweaters out and I realized most of them are too small!

oct 29

Wednesday. Caden’s turn to be sick. She missed Wednesday and Thursday, and missed their fall party. She was so sad! Delaney is wearing a dress we bought in Chicago. We have purple leggings that go perfectly with this, but they were in the laundry.

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