The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Pumpkin patch?

on October 27, 2014

pumpkin 1

Since the weather was forecast to be sunny and warm, and we were spending the day at my parent’s house, I emailed my mom to see if there were any Halloween things going on? There was nothing, so I googled to see if there was a pumpkin patch we could hit. I found one and sent the link to my mom, who was surprised since it was near their house!

pumpkin 2

Turns out, it was kind of a pumpkin patch. They sold pumpkins, but there weren’t any other activities or anything like that. And they were almost sold out of pumpkins! I guess that made choosing easier?

pumpkin 3

Delaney has been trending sick all weekend, so it was probably better that it was a low key activity. They carved the pumpkins Sunday morning with my dad. I’m all for painting, but carving just isn’t my thing. I bought stickers, but of course forgot those stickers at home. The pumpkins are now sitting on our front step, just waiting for the squirrels to destroy them. Pictures of that tomorrow!

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