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Life with identical twins

Caden’s tooth

on October 23, 2014

I forbid Caden from pulling her tooth out in Chicago, or even wiggling it a lot. I had visions of the tooth coming out while we were out and about, miles away from any napkins or kleenex (because these things bleed, always). Or worse, having her pull it out while laying in bed, on all white sheets and a white comforter. Bleeding all over the all white bed.

Oddly enough, she didn’t wiggle it.

As soon as we were home though, she wanted it out. I had her wiggle it a few times, then I grabbed onto it with a paper towel and pulled. Then pulled again. I adjusted my grip, pulled again. The tooth was hanging by a thread, I thought for sure it would come out! But no.

I told her to wiggle it for a bit to loosen it up, and then we would try again. Two minutes later she told me she pulled it out. All by herself! We were in the basement at the time, and when she pulled the tooth flew out and we lost it in the carpet. Delaney and I searched forever, but we could not find the tooth. I hate losing teeth!

She wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation, and went to bed, giving me strict instructions not to stay up too late, or the tooth fairy would never come. The tooth fairy was very happy she still had cash in her wallet from the Chicago trip!


One response to “Caden’s tooth

  1. Grammy says:

    I hope Annabelle didn’t eat it!

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