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Chicago – Saturday

on October 22, 2014


Saturday was museum day. It was supposed to be colder, so it was the perfect day to be inside. We took the subway downtown to grab breakfast at Yolk. As we were walking there, which was a much longer walk than it looked on the map, it started raining. Then raining a little harder. As we waited for our table it rained harder. Luckily, the museum was just across the bridge, but we ended up running most of the way. The girls were laughing, they thought it was so fun to run! But I felt bad because I’d packed hats and rain coats, but left them at the apartment. Oh well. We dried out in the Field Museum, while we checked out Sue, the T-Rex.

Our CityPass included a 3D movie (we saw the Ice Age movie) and the ticketed exhibit. It was about biomechanics and while it was cool, it’s always hard to do those exhibits with younger kids. We loved the movie though, and it was very cool talking evolution with the kids and seeing all of the skeletons. We zipped through the other exhibits, grabbed lunch, and then headed to Shedd Aquarium.

sting ray

We spent three hours at the aquarium, and probably could have stayed there for another two or three. The girls got bored looking at the smaller aquariums of fish, but loved the other exhibits. When we go back, we would definitely spend a whole day there.

The sting ray pool was still open, and the rain had stopped, so we headed outside to pet a few sting rays. Delaney was very sure she had zero intention of touching a sting ray, yet had her hand in the water after a few minutes. The sting rays were a little wary of the little hands, but both girls got to pet quite a few.

After the sting rays was the 4D movie. I knew what 3D was, but was wondering what 4D would mean. The movie was Sea Monsters and was so cool. Our seats vibrated, when the monsters jumped out of the water we were shot with a spray of water, and I’m fairly sure it rained on a few people. Again, so cool. Also? I had no idea there used to be an ocean over Kansas. I think we skipped that part in history class.

For $2 extra, I bought tickets to the dolphin show. This was awesome because we got there 30 minutes early, so had some time to sit and rest our legs after walking most of the day. Plus, the show was amazing. At one point they came out and talked about how they adopted a dog, and trained him similar to how they train the dolphins. They brought the dog out, and a dolphin and showed them doing the same tricks. It was both girls’ favorite part of the show. Caden could not stop talking about it!


Here’s another picture I took on our way out. A few other people were taking shots here, but it wasn’t until the girls stepped in place that I realized that $#@!% pole was right in the way. I think I should be able to clone it out though? I’ll at least give it a try.

While waiting for the dolphin show I had made dinner reservations at a taco place that a friend recommended. After hitting the gift shop, we headed out to the taxi stand only to realize there were no taxis coming. We waited for a bit before I finally called it and we headed towards another area where we had seen taxis earlier. The girls thought this whole part was a great adventure. Caden kept looking for taxis and throwing her arm up to hail one (one stopped for her, but another family snuck in before we could get there). We eventually snagged one that passed by us randomly.

This restaurant wasn’t necessarily geared towards kids, so they didn’t have any kid’s coloring stuff. I was nervous for a second, but this actually meant that my kids had to talk to me instead of coloring with their head down! Our server was awesome and made great recommendations, both girls tried new things, and dinner was excellent. As we left, they asked how we were getting home. I told them we’d take a taxi, so Caden walked to the curb and threw her arm up. Five seconds later a taxi pulled up. The kid is a pro at big city living!

2 responses to “Chicago – Saturday

  1. Jill says:

    I’m soaking this all up. We are only 5 hours from Chicago and have been talking about taking the kids for a long weekend forever. So glad you guys had so much fun!

  2. Great Auntie Sheila says:

    Your photos are all SO beautiful! Fall light for pics,you just can’t beat it.

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