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Chicago – Thursday/Friday

on October 21, 2014

This one is going to be long and picture heavy. Just a warning.

chicago 2

Thursday’s drive was long. We hit a bit of road construction, and then rush hour traffic. By the time we got to the apartment it was dark, and I ended up parking in a spot where we would have gotten towed. The whole thing was confusing so I messaged our host to figure it out, and then we headed off to dinner. Delaney was very nervous about the parking situation. She asked a lot of questions, and while I knew things would get worked out, she didn’t. As we sat down to dinner she said “I want to go home.” I felt so bad! Once we got the text where the parking permits were, you could see the stress leave her.

chicago 3

Friday morning we took the subway downtown and ate breakfast at the Wildberry Cafe. People raved about their gluten free pancakes, so we had to go. They had super fun kids food, an outdoor waiting area, plus it was next door to Millennium Park so it was the perfect spot.

Friday was gorgeous. Sunny and 60, it was perfect weather. We headed for the fountain first where everyone took turns taking pictures. For some reason we caught the perfect window where we had it virtually to ourselves!

chicago 4

After the fountain we headed straight for the bean. Both girls were enthralled with it, but especially Caden. When we hit the souvenir shop the one thing she really wanted was a postcard of the bean. After taking a million pictures, we wandered through the rest of the park and saw the cool sculptures. The girls were super hyped up, running from thing to thing.

chicago 5

Slight tangent. While getting ready that morning, I realized that none of the shirts I had packed for Delaney fit her, they were all too short. She’s been on a dress kick lately, so I didn’t notice. After Millennium Park we hit up Michigan Ave and did a little shopping at the Gap. Somewhere in the last year shopping with my kids has turned the corner from chaos to fun. I love it.

Continuing the tangent, at breakfast Caden declared that there was a space between her teeth. I looked at her teeth and sure enough, her right front tooth was hanging at a weird angle, and there was a big space between it and the next tooth. She’d been complaining of a headache the last few days, so I’m guessing her jaw grew to accommodate her new teeth? It was the craziest thing. (She pulled it out herself Sunday night. That kid is fearless right now.)

How did I not notice either of these things happening??

chicago 6

After shopping we grabbed some lunch (Corner Bakery, worst salad ever) and hit the John Hancock building to do the observatory deck. We all loved it, although the girls loved playing the games on the screens more than looking out at the view. Personally, I could stare out at large bodies of water for hours, but onward we went.

chicago 7

By this point we’d done a lot of walking, so we grabbed a taxi cab to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The girls were incredibly excited about riding in a taxi. No car seats! They were mystified as to how we were going to get one though. When I told them you just throw your arm up, they didn’t believe me.

chicago 8

This guy was my favorite at the zoo. There’s just something about the big cats. The girls liked the monkeys I think? I have to say, this zoo was insane, especially since it’s free. We walked around for hours, and I think we missed a few animals. But, all the walking around definitely pushed me over the edge. I got tired before the girls did, and insisted we head back. The walk to the apartment wasn’t far, but as soon as we left the zoo they were exhausted. The problem of course was that we were only a few blocks away, and we were on a street where there were no taxis.

chicago 9

If this becomes our Christmas card, please act surprised. As soon as I saw this, I knew we had to take pictures here. (Also if you zoom in, you can see Caden’s wonky tooth, and even from this perspective you can see the gap.) This picture is fairly indicative of their attitudes for the trip – smiling and cooperative.

2 responses to “Chicago – Thursday/Friday

  1. Grammy says:

    Love reliving your trip through the photos! What a tremendous experience for the girls.

  2. Laraf123 says:

    The girls make my city look beautiful. Glad you had a good time!

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