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Life with identical twins


on October 20, 2014

chicago 1

We made it to Chicago! And back! As you can see, the girls had absolutely no fun.

This was our first trip somewhere new, just the three of us, and it went so well. It was so cool to see the girls embrace travel and new experiences. Caden was hailing cabs and riding the subway like she grew up there! And Delaney tried a new food at every restaurant we went to. I was so proud of both of them.

The drive was long. On the way there we ran into road construction, and then rush hour traffic. The girls rotated between coloring, iPods, and tv shows on the iPad. They were awesome. We packed lunch and snacks, so we didn’t have to try to find food anywhere. I thought we would stop more, but we only stopped twice since I wanted to push through and just get there (and likewise get home). I’d heard the drive was boring, but I thought it was beautiful. Maybe it was because I had no one to talk to, but I couldn’t have asked for better scenery than the fall colors. That said, I think we’ll fly for the next trip.


The girls were awesome about cooperating for pictures. I took this shot with my big camera too, but I like this one from my phone better. Saturday was a gray and rainy day, but the girls didn’t complain. As we were leaving the aquarium I couldn’t help but get a picture of them with the city in the background. Just perfect.

This trip was a test for an eventual trip to New York. I thought I was trying to see if the girls could handle a lot of walking and a big city, but in the end I realized the test was really for me. Doing a trip like this with two six-year-old’s was exhausting. All the decisions, all the planning, trying to figure out if we should take a taxi or walk, where on earth can we eat, what should we do next. I was exhausted. I love travelling, but I was missing Annabelle and my bed something fierce Saturday. I almost drove home through the night, except I knew I would never make it. On the other hand, the girls didn’t want to leave Chicago, and kept asking if we could move there.

More pictures tomorrow, but we will definitely be back Chicago! There were so many things we didn’t do, and I really want to hit the city when it’s warm out.

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