The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Ask your sister to do it

on October 10, 2014

oct 3

Friday, October 3. Caden originally had hot pink leggings under this dress. I casually mentioned that maybe they didn’t work? She didn’t believe me, but did go change into these flowered leggings that I thought were perfect.

oct 6

Monday, October 6. When one sister wears something and declares it amazing, it always travels to the other sister very quickly. Here’s Delaney wearing the twirly dress.

oct 8

Wednesday, October 8. You’ll notice no Tuesday picture? That’s because our bus driver this year is on time to early, and maybe we headed out to the driveway only to realize the bus was there! Oops. At least we made it. This morning I casually mentioned that they had sweaters in their drawers and that’s what they both picked out to wear.

oct 9

Thursday, October 9. Delaney was coloring and didn’t want to pick out clothes so she asked her sister to do it for her. Caden brought her multiple options, and then put together an outfit down to the undies for her. So sweet! And so smart of Delaney since her sister is pretty good at pulling together cute outfits.

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