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Annabelle, week 2

on October 9, 2014

ab orange

Isn’t she adorable? She’s lucky she’s cute.

Potty training is not going well. If I’m completely on top of my game and we have alllllll the time in the world, we’re good. If we’re in a rush, accidents happen. She just doesn’t seem to understand that she’s supposed to go to the bathroom outside. I’m hoping continuing to take her outside continuously will lock things in for her, but who knows. There have been times when she’s been outside for 30 minutes, then comes in the house and pees on the floor. It’s mind boggling.

She’s realized that the girls are fun, but Mom is where it’s at. Delaney loves to pick her up which she tolerates for a while, and then she’s over it. Caden mostly ignores her unless I ask her to play with her, and then she’s awesome. Unfortunately, Annabelle often thinks the playing is continuing long after it’s over which doesn’t sit well with Caden.

On the upside, she’s a total snuggler. She runs around and around in the evenings, and then collapses on my lap and sleeps. It’s adorable. She sleeps with me at night now too. She either snuggles by my side, or sleeps by my feet under the covers. She goes nuts when I come home. That little butt wiggles so hard she can hardly contain herself. I love it.

Question for those with little dogs. She’s a total freeze baby. It’s not even cold outside and she’s shivering nonstop (hence the coat). In the winter I don’t keep our house very warm, and I think she’s going to need a sweater or something. Any recommendations? I saw a snuggie on Amazon, but I’m not sure what works well and what doesn’t.

3 responses to “Annabelle, week 2

  1. Amanda says:

    I don’t have any small dogs (obviously), but I do have a dog with almost no fur! Cooper is 10x the size of Annabelle, and he is still cold ALL THE TIME. Basically, he lived in a wool sweater last year. We had two we rotated through, and he kept one on all the time. And I mean all the time. Was never without on. It seems to help a lot with the shivers, and bonus: dogs in sweaters are adorable!

  2. Scott Grunst says:

    My little dog Kaila shivers when she goes to the Vet or there is a Groomer coming. It has nothing to do with being cold, she is just nervous about what is to come. I think Annabelle is still trying to get comfortable and when she does, the shaking will stop.

    • Erin says:

      I think you’re probably right, but that didn’t stop me from buying her adorable sweaters! So far Annabelle doesn’t like men, so I’m super interested to see if she likes you. Maybe she will recognize you as a small dog person?

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