The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on October 7, 2014

We’re headed to Chicago for a quick road trip next week. I’m excited about this trip for a few reasons. First, road trip! I’m more apt to shell out for airfare than to drive a really long distance, so this six hour trip will be the longest road trip we’ve taken as a family. It will likely be more of a drive straight through than stop and smell the roses road trip, but family bonding time! Second, Chicago! I’m excited to get the girls to a bigger city and see how they do with exploring and walking and dealing with all of that.

I looked at hotels, but they were booked up so instead we’re renting an apartment in Lincoln Park. I’m excited to stay in a neighborhood where we have cafes and little shops right out our door. I’m debating taking the girls to a nice dinner out. I think it might be fun? And then I think it might be a waste of money. Any suggestions if we go for it?

Our agenda is wide open at this point. Thinking the Lincoln Park Zoo and Navy Pier if the weather is decent. Either the Field Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry. Beyond that …. ???? They aren’t American Girl girls, so that shopping adventure is (luckily) out. Any suggestions internets? I’ve done some research, but nothing is really jumping out at me, plus the weather is unknown at this point, but hopefully 60 and sunny?

Any Chicagoans want to meet up for lunch or an outing?

2 responses to “Chicago!

  1. Amanda says:

    We eat at a lot of nice restaurants with Claire, and mostly I find it kind of frustrating. She’s well behaved and definitely understands when we’re eating somewhere special, and for the most part we don’t get a lot of attitude from the waitstaff (that last part would be totally opposite in SF). However, Claire will always order a) mac-n-cheese, b) a cheeseburger, or c) a pizza. And usually, at nicer restaurants, those things are “adult” versions and then she’s disappointed. I was so grateful to a server at 65 Lyn recently, who told us no when Claire tried to order a burger! She told us that kids never like it and always send it back, which was so, so nice of her. But it’s the first time anyone has ever done that, and we’ve had a lot of seemingly normal food sit around getting picked at because Claire didn’t like the homemade onion roll or homemade tomato chutney or whatever.

    I never force Claire to eat outside her comfort zone when we’re out, because it’s a nice treat for everyone, and shouldn’t be hard. But even if I’m able to order foie gras on cracked pepper flatbread and an awesome glass of bubbly, I always end up feeling kind of bummed out when she’s not happy with her selection.

    P.S. I love the Chicago Field Museum. I used to have to go there for work a lot,and often tried to sneak in a visit.

    • Erin says:

      Thank you. We once went out to a nice steak restaurant and it was a lovely dinner. Everyone was able to order something they liked, the girls were well behaved, and people complimented them all night. But, the reality is that was a one time thing and not likely to happen again! We’ll stick to neighborhood restaurants and skip RPM until it can be an adults only trip.

      Field Museum it is!

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