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Outfit Friday

on October 3, 2014

My girls may be the only two girls who would rather have their mother pick out their outfits every day, than do it themselves. Unfortunately for them, I’m over it. I used to ask them to pick out outfits the night before, but they never wanted to and at that point, I’m not up for an argument. This week I just didn’t pick anything out, so they were forced to do it in the morning and you know what? We weren’t late, there weren’t issues, and they got dressed just fine.


sept 26

Friday, September 26. OMG remember when it was really warm out? I miss that weather already.

sept 29

Monday, September 29. We hit the Gap up last weekend and Caden got cozy sweat pants, and Laney got more cozy leggings. All at 40% off – score!

sept 30

Tuesday, September 30. Picture day!

oct 1

Wednesday, October 1. I bought the girls these adorable mobius scarves (from someone I found on Instagram, and of course now I can’t find the link to her store). I thought they might be too twee or something, but the girls love them and have worn them every day since they arrived.

oct 2

Thursday, October 2. Delaney’s purple sweater was a dress last year. Not so much this year.

2 responses to “Outfit Friday

  1. Laraf123 says:

    The girls and you have great taste!

  2. Sue says:

    Love the scarves…. When are you coming to Mankato again? Miss you guys! Nanny Sue

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