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One hour, five minutes

on September 29, 2014

My parents come up one day each spring and fall to help with yard projects. I love my house and I love my yard, but quite honestly it’s more than I can take care of on my own. I love having a nice yard, but making the time to trim and clean and trim some more just doesn’t seem to happen. I really need to outsource it like I’ve outsourced the fertilizing/weed treatments for the lawn. Next year!

This year I also had a dead tree in my front yard that needed to be dealt with. My dad claimed we’d have it down and cut up in an hour. I laughed at him! I thought for sure it would be a half day ordeal. They pulled into the driveway at 9:35, the chainsaw was going by 9:40 and by 10:45 he had moved onto the tree across the street that my neighbor wanted down! Not bad. I’m sad to lose one of my big birch trees, but happy that it’s done and taken care of.

After lunch my dad tackled the hedge in my backyard. I hate the hedge. It hides what is essentially my lawn care dumping ground, but I would ditch the spot to dump my branches if I didn’t have to deal with that hedge anymore. It’s huge and unwieldy and trees grow in the middle of it. My dad hacked away at it, and Caden and I hauled the branches to the back. Our job was definitely easier than his, and I was exhausted by the end.  This job also goes on the outsource list for next year!

But, with the yard mowed and the trees and hedge trimmed up, everything looked so gorgeous. Huge, huge thanks to my parents for getting it there. I so love my yard! It’s one of the main reasons I want to figure out a remodel that keeps us in this house, rather than sell and move.

2 responses to “One hour, five minutes

  1. Grammy says:

    As Dad would say — you aren’t dealing with the Weber boys! (Inside family joke) What a perfect day to tackle those outdoor projects. The yard looked absolutely park-like at the end of the day. Now if I could just move that pile of potting soil…

  2. Laraf123 says:

    I’m often overwhelmed by outside chores and yet, like you, I still want to keep my house. Glad it was a productive day!

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