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Caden’s stomach

on September 25, 2014

This weekend Caden complained that her stomach hurt.  I was surprised by this and asked her if she thought she was hungry maybe?  I shouldn’t have been surprised though, because we’ve dealt with this issue before.  She has complained fairly consistently for the past two or three years that her stomach hurts.  We tried reflux meds and we tried going gluten free, neither of them fixed the problem.

When she brought it up this weekend my first instinct was to remove gluten again.  The problem is, it’s really difficult.  If I knew without a doubt this was going to make her feel better, I would do it and instruct everyone around her to do it and make sure she knew exactly what she could and couldn’t eat.  But, we don’t, and so we all get waffly on it.  So instead we’re trying a different route this time – dairy.  Removing dairy is easier than removing gluten, plus, she doesn’t even really like dairy, so again with the easier.

It’s been two days and she isn’t feeling any better.  When asked what hurts she points to her lower gut, which makes me think some sort of food insensitivity.  The problem with that is that there aren’t any clear tests or diagnoses, it’s mostly just elimination diets until you get it right.  I guess we could do the Whole30 as a family and see if that helps?  That wouldn’t be hard at all. /sarcasm

We have an appointment next with week with our pediatrician, and after that we will see a pediatric GI specialist.  I feel like because of all of my issues I should have a solid handle on this, but I’m also just not sure what could come out of this.  There are certainly blood tests we can do, but it’s likely an endoscopy or something similar will need to be done as well.  That’s no small test.  She’s old enough now, and this has been a consistent thing for her, so it’s not like I’m not sure what to believe when she says her stomach hurts.  I really, really want to figure this out for her.

4 responses to “Caden’s stomach

  1. Alanna says:

    Hi Erin, have you tried a probiotic? My son used to complain of frequent stomach aches and i give him a daily probiotic and it has really helped. I would also suggest some peppermint essential oil mixed with almond oil, and rub in a clockwise motion on her stomach.

    • Erin says:

      We have done a probiotic off and on, but never consistently. She woke up this morning saying her stomach hurt, which is weird. In all my food sensitivities, my stomach doesn’t hurt first thing in the morning before I’ve even eaten. I do have peppermint oil though, so we can start trying that too!

  2. Jenny says:

    Also – my son complained about this for years too. It was anxiety. Very common symptom. It could also be something else but…

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