The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on September 24, 2014

There are a lot of things going on around here, but when I sit down to type it up it’s only a few sentences, not really a post. I’ll be honest, after everything that happened this summer, I think I’m still trying to find my voice here, trying to figure out how much to share.

So instead, bullets!

  • The dog search is frustrating.  The rescue organizations are insanely slow moving.  I get that they are volunteer run, but you’d think they would do everything they could to get the dogs into their forever homes right?  And yet, not so much.  We hit up the humane society last night to look at a dog the dog trainer recommended.  He was sweet when it was just me, but with the girls he was super scared.  Onward.
  • On the dog front, I’m trying to expand our search beyond just the breeds that we had talked about, but also beyond just rescues.  So many of the breeds I’m super interested in, but they so rarely come up in rescues and if they do, it’s likely because of bad breeding.  I feel like I am nonstop searching on the internet, but I know it will be worth it when we find the right dog.
  • Today is Caden’s libary day.  She checked out two chapter books last Wednesday and had them both read by Saturday.   Last night she chattered on and on about the whole library process and which chapter books she was going to check out this time and how you find books and she’s so excited!  She just makes me smile every time she talks about reading.
  • School did a thing on eating your fruits and vegetables.  They sent home a booklet that listed all of the fruits and vegetables by color.  The girls went through and circled the ones they liked and even told me a few that they wanted to try.  Then they sent home a poster where we have to check off that they’ve eaten five fruits or vegetables each day.  Wow!  It has really inspired them to search out fruits and vegetables to eat.  It’s been so crazy.  We bought a honeydew melon this weekend because it’s green and Caden wanted to try a new green food.  Love.
  • A mouse just ran underneath my treadmill in the basement.  I had a mouse guy come out in July, but clearly he’ll be back again soon since he gave me a year long guarantee.  And of course I have no shoes on.  My fear is always that the mouse will run over my foot and how gross would that be?

One response to “Bullets

  1. Karen Frank says:

    Have you tried Animal Ark in Hastings? I adopted two cats from there, and I thought it was a very well run shelter. (Where else puts radios in all the cat rooms, so the cats can be soothed by MPR?).

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