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Go Gophers!

on September 22, 2014

gophers 1

My friends Corinne and Brian tailgate for every University of Minnesota home football game. I can’t remember if this was when we were out in California or when, but we were discussing tailgating and football games and kids and they recommended Gopher games as a great game to bring kids too. TCF Stadium is outdoors, and it’s incredibly family friendly. We were in! Did you know the Gopher colors go perfectly with leopard? Well now you do.

gophers 2

My parents came to the game as well, since they really wanted to see the new stadium and experience outdoor football. We tailgated with everyone for a bit, then wandered around. It was really sunny, and I needed a baseball hat. As soon as Caden heard we were going shopping she piped up “I need a Gopher hat too!” Surely I couldn’t expect her to wear her Twins hat that didn’t match at all right?

gophers 3

This is the hat Delaney picked out. The store was mad chaos, and I was trying to find a hat myself, so when she showed it to me I just shook my head and said yes. I thought it looked a little silly but whatever. OMG. This hat brought a smile to my face all day. She would be walking ahead of us and I would see those ears and have to laugh. Or during the game I’d see her animatedly talking to my mom and see the ears bobbing and laughed some more. This hat was a brilliant purchase.

The day was super fun. We had amazing weather, it was so great to see my friends, and we all had a great time. The Gophers even won! They were predicting rain but with the skies cloudless and blue, we didn’t see how that would happen. Sure enough, right as the 3rd quarter started, a few clouds rolled in. Then some more, then it started raining, and then we left. No need to tough out the rain when we’d been there all day already.

We probably won’t hit another game this year, but we are all set with gear for another game next year!

4 responses to “Go Gophers!

  1. Grammy says:

    Delaney has promised me she will learn the words to the Minnesota rouser so she can sing along next time!! And Ski-U-Mah really doesn’t have a meaning. In 1894 a U of M rugby player used the phrase when he heard the Sioux boys shouting Ski-U when they won their canoe races. Let’s just pretend it’s the Gopher cry for VICTORY.

  2. Scott Grunst says:

    When I started Architecture school in 1975, there was still a Gopher stadium. They tore it down shortly after that. I loved that old stadium and I remember Saturdays (game day), as being a great day when the campus was buzzing. Now that the new stadium is built, I would like to hear what you thought of the whole “Gopher” experience. I am so glad they finally have their own stadium to play in. The campus once again, must be buzzing!

    • Erin says:

      Campus was definitely buzzing! Everyone was in maroon and gold! One of the bummers of the new stadium is that parking sucks. There are a few lots scattered around for tailgating, but everything is kind of separated. I believe there is a student lot and that is likely a little crazier than the RV lot where we were. The student section is in the end zone and it looked super fun. Lots of gold t-shirts, lots of crazy chants, and lots of rowdy cheers.

      Maybe next year we need to get you back for a game!

  3. Grammy says:

    I think Scott would look really good in those maroon and gold striped overalls!

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