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No Sugar(ish) September

on September 16, 2014

Let’s talk food. We haven’t done that in a while in this space, so clearly it’s time.

Coming out of my Whole30, I realized I needed to be gluten free, dairy free, and almond free. That’s a bit of a tough combo, although certainly doable. You know what you can’t have when you’re dairy free? Milk chocolate. Very specifically peanut butter m&m’s and heath bars. Those were my staple candies that I kept in my drawer at work, and had a few each day after lunch. After no sugar for 19 days, and then not being able to eat most of the sugar I really wanted, it seemed like an easy thing to just stay away from sugar. But it’s never that easy is it? As the summer went on I found myself seeking out candy that I could eat, or choosing other sugary things to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I realized that I needed to cut back on my sugar and honestly for me, it’s better to be black and white and go no candy then to have a grey area. About the time I really started thinking about this I also bought the 100 Days of Real Food cookbook. I’ve followed her blog for a long time and was inspired by how her kids really got into cooking real food with her. After reading through her book I realized I really wanted to make changes to my kid’s diet as well. The amount of processed food they eat crept up and up throughout the summer, and the requests for candy were nonstop all day every day. We needed to make some changes.

So here’s our plan for September.

No candy. That’s a hard and fast rule. None for any of us. I threw out what we had in the house, and we won’t be buying more. Our evenings have been GLORIOUS! Do you know how much I love not having to field “Can I have a piece of candy?” 15 times every night? SO MUCH. Do you know how much I love not arguing over whether they can have dessert? SO MUCH. I will give my kids so much credit on this, they have not asked for candy one single time since September 1. (Don’t tell them but this rule will continue forever and ever amen. I love it that much.)

Dessert on the weekends only. When we talked about not eating any sugar for September they were crushed. But, I don’t want this to be a never ever because that just sets us up for failure. Out shopping on a Saturday and we pass by our favorite cupcake shop? Head on in girls! Out at a restaurant on the first day of school and the kids want a brownie sundae? Sure. But we keep it to a minimum. Desserts are for special occasions, not for every night.

Cut out/down processed foods. I threw out so many boxes of crackers that I bought, and they refused to eat. Instead, I’ve been baking muffins to pack in their lunch boxes and snack bags instead. We also made homemade granola bars that are divine, and I can eat them too! (If you’re dairy free, the chocolate chips from Trader Joe’s are dairy free!) I also made homemade waffles to replace their Eggo’s.

Halfway through the month I will say that this has been a success. The girls looked through the new cookbook and marked the recipes they wanted to try. It got them excited and they’ve even tried new foods (guacamole!). I feel better about the food they’re eating, even though we haven’t completely eliminated sugar or processed foods. I’m excited to keep on keeping on with them, and discover even more recipes that everyone loves.

2 responses to “No Sugar(ish) September

  1. Grammy says:

    Kudos to you!

  2. […] continued our No Candy/Keep the sugar to a minimum quest into October. When we first talked about doing this the girls thought for sure […]

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