The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Beautiful weekend!

on September 14, 2014

When we’re home for the weekend it can be really easy to get caught up in cleaning,organizing and cooking and just let the girls play on their own. This month I’ve been really trying to choose to have a positive attitude, and to find things to do with the girls. After mowing the lawn and realizing what a crazy beautiful day it was, I asked the girls to bike while I ran.


They biked, I ran. That combo doesn’t always work out so well. Since I knew I wouldn’t get much mileage in (not that I would have without them either!) and my muscles were warm from mowing, I challenged Laney to a race. She biked as fast as she could, and I full out sprinted beside her. Holey moley! After a bit of a break, I did the same with Caden. It was a great workout. We did another loop of our circle at a more reasonable pace, but then just as we were almost home Caden said “Beat her Mommy, beat her!” So I did. Thought I might puke, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t run that hard since high school, but it felt GOOD.


After our bike ride I stretched out, and they went right back out to their spot. They spent most of the weekend out here making dirt pies and who knows what else. We have such a great backyard, it always makes me so happy to see them playing out there. Someone needs to make use of it besides the bunnies!

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