The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on September 11, 2014

The girls’ bedtime has long been 8:00pm. It’s rare that I actually get them both into bed by that time, but that’s the time we shoot for. On the weekends it’s frequently 9:00pm or even 9:30pm. Either we’re watching a movie, or there are s’mores to be roasted, there always seem to be good reasons to stay up late. But, they also sleep in later on the weekends, which makes up for the late nights at least a little.

Since we rarely hit 8:00pm, I’ve been wondering if I should just call it and say their bedtime is 8:30pm. But here’s the thing, once they’re in bed it’s MY TIME. I get to watch my shows, I get to browse the internets, I get to read my book. If I let them stay up later, it seriously cuts into my down time and as an introvert, that down time is precious and necessary.

Here’s the other thing. My kids don’t want to get up in the morning. It’s rare that they get up on their own, I generally have to wake them at 7:30am. And then it’s like waking a teenager. Delaney does not like getting out of bed.

On top of all of those things, we’ve had a few meltdowns in the evenings. I think it’s a combo of first weeks of school, allergies, and too many late nights, but it’s clear they are tired and in need of sleep.

Boring story longer, we’re sticking with the 8:00pm bedtime and possibly even making a stronger effort to actually enforce it.

**When should I actually be looking at moving it to 8:30pm? High school?

4 responses to “Bedtime

  1. Jill says:

    Can never be the answer? When Mark is out of town, or even when he’s not, sometimes 8:00 feels a lifetime away. I need to sit and do nothing for a bit or I’m a disaster the next day.

    I’m totally with you though, between homework and activities some nights it’s a sprint to get it all in on time.

    • Erin says:

      Exactly! I feel like I was in bed close to 8 through elementary school at least.

      It really can be a stretch to get everything done in time, plus my kids really need that snuggle time on the couch or they come out of their bedroom 14 times asking for kisses and drinks of water.

  2. Great Auntie Sheila says:

    Totally get EVERYTHING you are saying, especially the “me time”! Even now in 8th grade, we still try to start getting Gage ready for bed by 8 ish. By the time he gets ready, Jeff reads to him, he reads to Jeff and he has his own reading time in bed, it gets late. We call lights out at 9:15 now. It does cut into my quiet time though. Boo, Hiss. You know if you change to say 8:30, it will get to be 9 before they are in bed, right? 🙂 Here’s my rule of thumb: If my kid has to be woken up in the morning, he’s not getting to bed early enough. That being said the little turd was up at 6 am yesterday and 5:47 today on our day off, so maybe we should make it later!!!!

  3. Damita says:

    Is there a way to start the bedtime prep earlier? Like showers and pjs at 7 and then there’s not a rush to get it all done at 8.. Of course, I don’t know what time you guys get home and what time you eat dinner and then there’s homework to consider as well.

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