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Leopard, and then a little more leopard

on September 8, 2014

photo (8)

Saturday night I met Amanda out for drinks and some girl time. After drinks and food and house tours and dog greetings, she pulled out a bag of clothes for the girls. Her step daughter is a year older than the girls, so when she grows out of things, Amanda hands them down to us. Amanda is a bit of a fashionista (more than a bit?) and the girls love the funky hand me down clothes they get from her.

First she showed me a leopard top. A few pieces later was a leopard skirt. I immediately said “They will have these two pieces on, and will pull out the leopard coat you gave us last spring before breakfast.” Word.

At 7:20am Delaney was at my bedside saying good morning. By 7:30am she was standing there in the leopard top, skirt, and headband asking me where I put the coat. Ha! I know my kids well.

4 responses to “Leopard, and then a little more leopard

  1. Grammy says:

    She is ready for church!

  2. Amanda says:

    When in doubt, remove one piece of leopard print. 🙂

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