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First day of First Grade!

on September 3, 2014

First grade!

first grade 1

We were running a tiny bit behind and didn’t have a ton of time to take nice pictures like last year. Oh well. I got a few at least.

first grade 2

Delaney was really nervous. She even pulled the “I don’t feel very good” card to try to get out of school! But, when she came home she told me how much she loves her teacher, so she’s much calmer now.

first grade 3

Caden’s seasonal allergies are in full effect right now and she feels awful. She’s also extra sensitive. She wasn’t super nervous until we got to her room, then she didn’t want me to leave. (Both girls absolutely play out first days the same year after year. If I wasn’t so lazy I would link to their first day of separate preschool rooms. Exactly the same.) Anyway, she came home excited about her day, but then cried over the littlest things. Not sure if she held it in all day or what, but I’m hoping things get better for her today.

first grade 4

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