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Take us out to the ballgame

on August 20, 2014

game 1

The plan for Sunday was to hang at the lake for most of the day. Unfortunately, shortly after breakfast it started raining and radar showed that it would be doing that most of the day. Back home was clear and sunny though, so we decided to head back. We have been home bodies this summer. There have been very few weeknight runs to the pool, whereas last year we were doing that all the time. No adventures, only a few frozen yogurt runs, no playdates. It’s definitely been a rough summer for us, so I wanted to do something fun with our Sunday. I looked at my phone and realized there was an afternoon Twins game. They aren’t playing very well, so I figured we could get cheap tickets.

game 2

I’m not the best negotiator, and I hate dealing with scalpers, so I took the first deal I was offered that I could afford. The guy had two tickets in the second level behind home plate. I carried Caden through the gates and no one said a word – so crazy! We got to the stadium right as the game was supposed to start, but there was a bit of a rain delay so we wandered around and found the food we wanted. Caden even got a new baseball hat! (She lost her old one, of course).

game 3

Our seats were good, and luckily they were just in front of the enclosed bar, because by the second inning it was raining. We hid out for a bit, then headed back to our seats when it let up. Then it rained again, so we bought some rain ponchos because the girls really wanted to watch the game. In past years Twins games have been mostly about the food, but this year they clapped along to the songs and cheered when we hit home runs, and even followed how many outs we had. We toughed it out through a rain delay, but by the time we’d been there three hours, and the guys in the bar were fairly drunk, I called it and we headed home.

It definitely wasn’t the ideal Twins game, but I’m so glad we did it. I’ve really been making an effort to get us all out of the house lately, and it’s been good for everyone, including the dog.

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