The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Summer Halloween

on August 19, 2014

halloween 1

Ahhh! I cannot find my camera cord! I took nice pictures of the girls in their costumes on my big camera, but of course can’t get those pictures off the camera. Instead the random phone shots I grabbed while we were trick or treating.

halloween 2

It was Halloween in August at the lake last weekend. The girls have been talking about this for weeks! Planning and prepping and which costume would they wear? They both went with their Halloween costumes from last year. Delaney’s costume looks so much better without two layers underneath to keep her warm! I was worried Caden’s costume would be too hot, but she was fine.

halloween 3

They started out riding on the back of the golf cart, but quickly figured out it was easier to hop on and off if they stood up front and hung on. They got a ton of candy but given the dentist situation from that morning, they will be eating very little of it.

They were both big talkers about going on the kids haunted trail. I was super surprised that they wanted to do this, but figured we would give it a shot. Caden bailed while we were standing in line. Delaney made it on the trail, but as soon as the first guy jumped out to scare her, she was out of there! The guy running the trail kept apologizing but honestly, I’d rather have her bail in the beginning, then get halfway through and then have no way of getting out without scaring her more. My mom and I went on the trail later and it was scary! So glad the girls knew their limits.

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