The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Dentist Fail

on August 18, 2014

Saturday morning we had a dentist appointment. This certainly wasn’t my first choice of times, but it is amazingly hard to schedule appointments now that the girls aren’t in daycare anymore. I used to schedule back to back appointments, but finally got smart and scheduled them for the same time. They were even in rooms next to each other.

Caden has had three cavities so far, so I expected a cavity or two for her. She had three cavities this time! Two on one side, and one on the other requiring TWO appointments to fill them.

Delaney had two cavities, which was completely disheartening. She hasn’t had any up until now.

We also had a different dentist than normal and she did not pull any punches (in fact, I thought she was rather rude). At this point I let the girls brush their own teeth. I have for the last six months, hence Delaney’s cavities. They brush every night and we try to brush in the morning, but often we are pressed for time. And we don’t floss. Got in trouble for all of that. Over and over. Six year olds are not old enough to brush their own teeth. Point $#!@ taken.

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