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I guess we’re still laying low?

on August 11, 2014

The next three weekends will be spent at the lake, so we stayed home this weekend in order to get things ready for school. I had a list of things I wanted to get done, and I thought we were going to have plans to meet up with friends. We tried to have plans, but both girls were still a little under the weather and nothing really came together. We do okay just the three of us, but we do much better when we’re a little more social.

It was Gap’s Friends & Family weekend, and Stride Rite has their BOGO event going, so we hit the mall. We picked up moto jackets for fall, and a bunch of leggings. Their fall jackets from last year probably still fit, but those jackets were horrendous to zip, so they’ll be heading to Goodwill. I’m really hoping these leggings hold up better than the leggings we bought last year. They’re more expensive, of course, which I’m hoping means they are a little thicker and we won’t have holes in the knees.

Stride Rite proved to be the awful shopping experience it always is. The sales guy was uber slow, I ended up putting on all of their shoes myself, and Caden got in trouble for hiding from me. So, par for the course for us. Delaney got a pair of ballet flats and Caden got a pair of sneakers. Caden’s sneakers are lace up this year. I knew going in we wouldn’t be able to find a pair of velcro sneakers that would fit her and we couldn’t. We will be spending the next three weeks working on tying laces! Here’s hoping she’s a quick study.

I have a bin of clothes that I’ve bought ahead of time so we pulled that out this weekend as well. There are five pairs of jeans, sweat pants, ponte leggings, and a bunch of t-shirts in that, so we are SET. They also tried on all of their shoes and shockingly, a few pairs from last year still fit. I’ve learned the hard way that they really only wear a few pairs of shoes, so I’m hoping to keep things simple as long as possible, and only purchase what it’s obvious they need.

I kind of needed this weekend at home where we weren’t running around trying to make the most of the weather and yet, as I’m typing this on Sunday night I can’t help but think we should have made the effort to hit the pool at least once. It’s the curse of summer in Minnesota. If you’re sitting inside, you are clearly wasting sunshine.

One response to “I guess we’re still laying low?

  1. Laraf123 says:

    I could have written that last paragraph myself. (Especially after last winter in northern IL) It’s so hard to achieve balance even when all your options are good.

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