The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Sprinkler Time

on August 8, 2014

sprinkler 1

So! We are finally feeling better! Delaney stayed home with me again today. It’s been a bit of a pain having her sick this week, but it is infinitely easier to deal with things now than it was when they were little. I can work from home and get things done, while she colors or plays on the computer beside me.

sprinkler 2

I even cooked a meal. All week I’ve had zero appetite and have only wanted bland carbohydrates, so it was good to feel like cooking again. We had chicken burgers with grilled pineapple. The girls weren’t thrilled with it, but it worked.

sprinkler 3

I had a conference call from 5-6, so my brilliant idea was to set up the sprinkler for them. Luckily I didn’t have to speak for the first 30 minutes while they were running through the water and screaming. Still, it felt good to have them out and running around the yard.

sprinkler 4

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