The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Still Down

on August 7, 2014

Some weird bug is going through our house. I’ve been exhausted all week, much more than usual. I had been chalking it up to stress, but now I wonder.

Yesterday camp called and said that Delaney had thrown up and wanted to go home. First, I love that they only called me because she wanted to go home. How is that not a rule? Puking = automatic go home, right? Once home she promptly fell asleep and took an hour nap. Since she woke up her fever has hovered around the 100.5 mark.

I know of at least a few other kids who have been similarly sick, so I’m guessing it’s going around?

Caden came home with us because she was sobbing when I picked up Delaney, and I didn’t want to leave camp to deal with that. Caden does not like it when she is not the one in the medical attention spotlight!

Delaney will stay home with me again today, but has orders to clean out the art cabinet. If she’s going to be home, might as well be useful.

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