The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

So very tired

on July 25, 2014

The girls are going to day camp this summer. They do three field trips a week, and every day is packed full of activities. If it’s nice out, they are outside the majority of the day. When I signed them up for this, I was really excited about this. So! many! field trips! Lots of activities!

Two of the field trips this week involved bus rides of 30 minutes or more. Caden fell asleep on both bus rides back, and fell asleep on the bus ride to the MOA yesterday. This kid is tired. Delaney slept on both bus rides back. Also tired.

The thing that bums me out about all of this is that I have to be fairly careful about bed time. They can’t really stay up super late because they can’t sleep in the next day. I’ve been letting them sleep a bit later since we got back from vacation, and even then, they are bears to get up every day.

Every once in a while we talk about getting a nanny next summer, but I just don’t know about that. They’d get to hit the pool and sleep in and stay up late, but it’s more expensive. A lot more expensive. I’d love to find someone to nanny share with, but I think that is more pipe dream than anything else.

(The girls are watching me type this and Delaney can’t believe I’m writing about bedtime and Caden told me to go to to find a nanny. Oh these two.)

Anyway, there is no good solution to this. I’m hopeful next summer when they’re a little bit older they’ll be able to handle the activity a little better. Until then, we soldier on.

Lucy is recovering well. When the vet called to check on her I asked for better pain killers, since all they gave me was an advil equivalent. They gave me some narcotics for her – woo! She had a rough first night, but has been more comfortable and sleeping better since. Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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