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Not So Bad

on July 15, 2014


This is our nightly view this week. It’s helping to make us forget the not so great weather during the day (but things are trending warmer!)

sand 1

Last winter I decided that since we weren’t going anywhere for spring break, I definitely wanted to go somewhere for a week this summer. My requirements were that it be within a few hours driving distance, on the lake, with a nice beach, and a playground for the kids. The place I found is in a town that we drive through to get to my aunt and uncle’s cabin, and it’s been perfect.

sand 2

We weren’t here 30 minutes before the girls had both changed into their swimsuits and were in the water. They’ve swam, made friends, built sand castles, and fished. We’re all a little exhausted, so we’ve fit in a few naps and plenty of downtime too.

sand 3

Delaney is fighting a summer cold, but Caden has been the picture of pure childhood joy. She has been go, go, go, play, play, play. It’s been fun to watch, especially since she is usually the one who heads inside or needs a break. We’re hoping the polar vortex retreats to Canada and we can get some sunshine again. There is a perfect raft that I want to jump off of, but we need it to warm up a bit! Until then, we’re hitting the local (indoor) attractions.

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