The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Day 1

on July 8, 2014

tubes 1

We got up early on Thursday and hustled up to the cabin since that was the only day predicting sunshine for the weekend. We got things unloaded and set up, then hit the lake for some tubing. The girls were on one tube, and their cousins(ish) on the other. I felt bad for the boys because they wanted to go fast, and my two were yelling for us to slow down.

tubes 2

Isn’t this the quintessential northern Minnesota picture? So perfect with the lake and the trees in the background.


The girls had so much fun with their cousins. They followed them around, played tag, squirted water guns, and did a lot of giggling. I feel like they spend a lot of time with other girls, so it was fun to see them play differently.


Delaney asked my aunt over and over when could we get the chickens out? Finally things were quiet enough that we could move them from under the deck to their normal house. Delaney was so patient, waiting for the chicken to come over to her. Finally, she got her chick! On Saturday she told me she saw one of them lay an egg. She was quite specific about how the egg came out, so I’m thinking she actually did see them lay an egg which is crazy!


The last two years we’ve slept in a tent next to the house. This year the sleeping was a little rough, but I wouldn’t trade it. We get up early and head into the house as soon as the girls spot movement, and then we have an hour of chatting with my aunt and uncles and grandpa. There is a lot of people running around during the day, so it’s nice to get this quieter time with everyone. Caden even helped make breakfast both mornings. That girl loves to be helpful!

cotton 1

After breakfast Jeff busted out the cotton candy machine. I can’t even! Five different flavors! We tried them all.

cotton 2

I swear every time I turned around my kids had cotton candy in their hand. It was easy to make, so people kept firing up the machine. And so, so tasty. And sticky.

Up next, the boat parade!

One response to “Day 1

  1. Sue says:

    Love seeing the pictures, Erin. Can’t wait to hear all about the weekend. Nanny Sue

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